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Abdulaziz International School - Riyadh, KSA

October 15, 2019

TIme and again, the Social Responsibility department has highlighted the importance of supporting people in need and people with serious medical conditions to aid in their happiness and well-being. The department has made a difference through fundraising so that those people are strengthened by actions and not only through words.

Fundraising has always taken a major part in SLO®, and the last remarkable event was arranged to support the Sanad Organization and Zahra Association. We were able to donate a wheelchair and blood pressure machine for 2 children suffering from cancer. Also, 14 girls cut 20cm of their hair and donated them to people suffering from cancer.


Reem Tassi- Gr. 12A: “it is very inspiring and heart-warming to see such students so willing to help others in need.”



Supporting Children with Cancer

Abdulaziz International School - Riyadh, KSA

October 15, 2019

The Social Responsibilities department planned a visit to the King Fahad National Centre for Children's Cancer.

The prefects interracted with the children with cancer whose parents were attending a workshop of meditation by art. The prefects not only helped to organize the workshop but also had the chance to visit the patients, talk to them, play with them, and give them some gifts. They also attended the classroom were the children with cancer study in order to talk and have fun with them. The positive energy the prefects got from those kids with only too apparent and made them realize how how lucky they were to be in good health.

Toy Drive for Autism Center

Zakho International School - Kurdistan, Erbil 

March 09, 2019

Our students involved in the Student Life Organization’s Social Responsibility Department collected toys and donated them to the autism center. Next, they guided the students on how to wrap the gifts. When we arrived at the center, we met with the administrator. The administrator gave us a tour of their center. He also explained the term of autism and its symptoms to the students. The administrator also discussed the goal of the center. Our Activity Prefect and Social Responsibility Prefect helped create a fun day for these autistic children. One of our prefects sang a song to the children, while the other one was playing the piano. Then, we distributed gifts to the autistic students. Finally, the deputy handed out flowers to the admin staff as a sign of appreciation for all they do for these children.

Ms. Shaima: This activity was touching and also a fascinating experience to see how these autistic children are being educated.


Panar’s father: “We appreciated this activity because we want our children to understand the concept of autism and how they are still determined to be educated despite their disabilities.”  


Admin: We are thankful of all the prefects and their support of autism.



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